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Please Talk To Strangers

Posted by flsquared on February 14, 2010

It’s been a slow week on the blog front, but probably for the best reason possible.  Despite “Blizzard 2010” causing us to being snowed in one day and braving ice-covered sidewalks the 2 days following, I can say that I had a fantastic week.

And all of this because I simply talk to strangers.

About a month or so ago, the Wall Street Journal published a fantastic article about trying to limit technology in your life.  I loved the anecdote about how a group of folks were waiting for the gym to open on Christmas Eve and, instead of talking to each other, they all whipped out their SmartPhones.  I see that everywhere and it makes me shudder.

While of course I have my days that I just want to zone out and avoid interacting with people, I often find myself striking up conversations with people on the subway, in line at the supermarket or post office, whatever.

One of my best friends in the city is a woman I chatted up in the police station in Madrid nearly 10 years ago.

Waiting for a friend this week, I talked with 2 ladies and learned about a few summer programs for kids in the city that I am looking forward to checking out.

I went gallery hopping with an artist friend this weekend in Soho that I met in a coffee shop.

This week a friend of mine and I spent 3 fantastic days with a woman and her daughter that we met walking in Central Park.  She said that she tried to ask 3 people for directions to a playground and we were the only ones that stopped to answer.  Turns out that she works in the same field as I did pre-baby as does her husband.  Her little girl is only 1 month younger than my son and they got along like old friends.  I have to say that I’m sure we made her week her in Manhattan, and if she ends up moving here this summer, we’ll have a new friend.

I urge you all to notice the people who are around you and, if you have the chance, talk to them. You may learn something new, or even make a new friend.


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