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Wonderful New Music Class for the Kiddos!

Posted by flsquared on January 11, 2010

Just a short post today to tell you about a wonderful (free!) event that I attended with my sons at NYC’s Webster Library this afternoon.

Emily Ellison presented “Children’s Music from Around the World”, an hour long music-fest geared toward children ages 0-10 (although I think from age 2-6 were probably the best audience).  We arrived late, 30 minutes late to be exact, but were welcomed into the controlled chaos of her high-energy event.

Loved her!  Loved her!  Loved her!  She totally saved what was quickly becoming a loooooong afternoon, and the kids had a blast.

I’m just disappointed that her upcoming concerts will be subway distance away (and I am so not getting on public transit with a double stroller in sub-freezing temps during rush hour for anyone!).

I did get on her mailing list:  emilymusicforkids – at – verizon – dot – net, phone number (347) 589-3225.


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Less is More: Check Out Your Local Library

Posted by flsquared on March 13, 2009

Now, everyone knows that you can check out books at your local library.  And most people know that you can also get DVDs, CDs, and even use the internet.  But did you know that there are a ton of free activities?

I have seen postings for the following at our local branches:

  • Baby/preschool storytime
  • Film festivals
  • Poetry readings
  • French/Spanish conversation group
  • Computer classes

This morning I decided to take Victor to Toddler/Preschool Playtime.  A huge room was filled with toys for kids 0-4 years old in various stations such as art, music, reading, food, dress-up, etc.  There were also representatives there from the library and Early Intervention to answer any questions and give advice.

What a great way to meet other parents and children!

We spent nearly the entire 45 minutes playing “beach” with buckets full of rice:

victor rice play

Fabulous!  We had a great time, didn’t spend a dime, and were even given a new board book as a gift on our way out!

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This Week’s Library Picks

Posted by flsquared on March 9, 2009

Anyone who knows me knows that I love the library.  Who can beat perusing thousands of books, CDs, DVD, magazines, etc. that you can take home for free?

These days, the library is so easy:  you can reserve your selections online and it is shipped to your local branch.  Then, you get a phone call or email when you can pick it up.  You also get an email to remind you to renew or bring it back.  Awesome!

Here are the books I checked out this week:


Snoop (What Your Stuff Says About You) by Sam Gosling
The Secret of Play by Ann Murphy
Green, Inc by Christine MacDonald
Give It Up! (My Year of Learning to Live Better with Less) by Mary Carlomagno
Made in Spain by Jose Andres (with Richard Wolffe)

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