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Rewards for Decluttering

Posted by flsquared on October 21, 2009

Last weekend a girlfriend of mine gave me a call to see if I wanted to take a walk with her down to Housing Works, an upscale thrift store in Manhattan dedicated to helping AIDS and Homelessness.

(As an aside, I LOVE that place!  They support a great cause, their quality is great, you don’t have to be in NYC to shop there (they have a great online store), and they have awesome auctions (we won a hardwood table that seats six, made in Spain, and looks exactly like one hubby’s grandfather had when he was growing up.  price tag?  $350 including delivery!).  Definitely worth checking out!)

I ended up scoring a number of candles that she was going to lug over there and some blank CDs that we were actually going to purchase that afternoon.  Hurrah!

Better yet, she inspired me to take another look around the apartment for anything that we don’t need.  We purged a great deal when we moved to Pittsburgh 3 years ago, then again moving here this summer, but I am a pack-rat by nature and can always do better.  I gathered 2 huge bags and schlepped them over to the shop before I changed my mind.

And my reward?  Clothing was 1/2 off that day and I scored some J Crew cords for $5 and a beautiful wrap sweater for $2.50.  Not bad as I have finally lost all of that pregnancy weight and have been sporting some very worn and very baggy trousers.

Here’s my challenge to you:  before the craziness of the holidays sets in, take a second look around your home and find just one bag of items to donate to a charity (or a friend!).  I guarantee you will find that you are rewarded!


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