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Toddler Tip: Sticker Happy!

Posted by flsquared on April 4, 2009

On Friday, Victor and I spent some one-on-one time at the library’s Baby Play Day.  

The Carnegie Library does a great job of organizing activities for small children and this was no exception.  For the past 5 Fridays, we have been able to hang out with babies from 0-3 years, playing with new toys and learning new skills.  The toys are in different stations such as “fine motor skills”, “gross motor skills”, “art”, “music”, “reading”, etc.  Every week a different “expert” attends to answer any questions parents or caretakers have about nutrition, speech, development, etc.

This past Friday the parting gift included some stickers from the dentist.  When we got home, we broke them out and inadvertently came up with a new game:

  1. Mommy gives baby a sticker and says “Put the sticker on Victor’s tummy”
  2. If Victor puts it on his tummy, CHEERS!
  3. If he doesn’t EEEEERP!
  4. Choose a new body part and repeat.

It sounds silly, but it was a big hit!  We must have played for 20 minutes and only stopped when the stickers were completely stick-less.

Definitely a game to put on the rainy-day list!


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