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The “Clutter Corner”: The Starting Point

Posted by flsquared on March 8, 2009

Does this happen to anyone else?

I am constantly trying to keep our small apartment in order.  Anytime we purchase something, we try to let something go.  However, sometimes it takes us a while to figure out what must go.  Or where to store the new things.  Or we’re just too tired to care.

Since David was born a little over 4 months ago, we have 3 areas in the apartment that seem to attract the most clutter:  the corner of the kitchen counter, the corner of the family room, and the corner of our room.  What is it with the corners?

The kitchen counter includes everything from coupons to keys to my breast pump to magazines and mail.
The corner of the family room is mostly baby items:  clothes, a blanket I am knitting, toys, the ergo.
The corner of our room is a definite “catch all”.  Usually one of us will get fed up with the pile on the kitchen counter and move it to this pile.  Clothing, yarn, things to sell on ebay, baby info, etc, etc, etc can be found in this pile.
And this doesn’t even include the 5 large rubbermaid tubs full of “stuff” sitting in our family room!
Over the next few months I am going to try to get these items organized and cleaned up.   

Here’s are my constraints:

  • Since I can’t really do it during the day due to the kiddos and I am dead tired come 9pm, the progress will be slow.  I have to just accept that.
  • As we’ll be moving this summer to another state (into a smaller or same-sized apartment), I am not willing to purchase organizational tools (shelves, etc) that may or may not work in the new apartment. 
  • Since money is tight, we’ll  store what we think we will use in the future (i.e. Victor’s old clothes and toys for David, etc), sell what we can, and give/throw away the rest.
  • We will do our best to not bring any items into the house until after the move (unless absolutely necessary).

I invite your suggestions and will continue to post how I’m doing!


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