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Less is More: 75 cents buys a day in the park

Posted by flsquared on March 8, 2009

We’ve had great weather here in Pittsburgh for the last several days and with Oscar on break from classes, we took advantage of it.

The best part about kids, or even just spending time with family in general, is that the best memories are often created in simple settings without a lot of fuss.

Victor is just so happy walking around, we decided that instead of heading out to the zoo or even the playground, we would round up the kids and drive over to a big field behind Carnegie Mellon. We brought along a red ball that we bought this winter on “super clearance” for 75 cents.

We had a blast.  Victor, Oscar and I spent a couple of hours kicking, throwing, and just chasing the ball while David hung out on a blanket:

victor and ball

mom and victor with ball










The best part?  Check out this pic:

sleeping babies


One Response to “Less is More: 75 cents buys a day in the park”

  1. What a bright breeze to read your post and see the pictures of the kids playing… and sleeping. And what a great reminder to everyone that it doesn’t take big money to make big smiles. It takes big hearts, and a little effort. And these things so a lot further.

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