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The Sun Has Come Out!

Posted by flsquared on March 6, 2009

Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!  (I guess I’m showing my age a bit with that quote!!)

Spring has arrived in Pittsburgh!!

Yesterday, we had a gorgeous day (I think the high was 58) and today it is even better.  As it happened, we spent most of the morning yesterday inside (David has been sick and I preferred to let him take a looooong nap in his bed), but we did take a nice, long walk as a family.  This morning we also took a walk, with Victor in the stroller and David in the Ergo.

I think one of the best things about Pittsburgh is that you feel like you are in a small town, but with a lot of the advantages of city life.  There are big, walkable sidewalks with lots of bars, restaurants, stores, museums, etc. in walking distance and you are just bound to run into someone you know nearly every time you leave your house.

When the four of us are able to take a walk together, we nearly always find ourselves taking the same route:  down to Walnut Street to window shop (and perhaps get a pastry at Prantl’s Bakery) then up to Ellsworth (again to peek in the shop windows), perhaps stopping at the small playground, and around to home.  It’s a good 30-45 minute circuit, but we nearly always take over an hour as stop to talk to a friend along the way:

Yesterday we ran into our neighbor Inaki who is learning how to make sushi.  They have a son Victor’s age and it’s so cute to watch the two of them “talk” to each other.

This morning we saw one of Oscar’s classmates biking past with his dry cleaning (a balancing act, to be sure!) and another friend Paola who was heading out to lunch.

I think everyone is thrilled with the beautiful weather and wants to spend as much time outside as possible.  

Hurrah for spring!


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