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Oprah’s got it!

Posted by flsquared on March 2, 2009

My son David and I normally catch about 30 minutes of Oprah during our afternoon nursing session.  Today program spoke about how you and your family can simplify your life and live better on less.

Two families were challenged with not spending money (except for a small stipend for groceries), turning off the TV/computer, walking the (gasp!) 2 and 5 blocks to school, etc.  You can see the details here.

I especially liked Mary Carlomagno‘s philosophy that you do not have to make radical changes in order to live simply.  Instead, it is a process of change that you do little by little.  Don’t feel as though you are giving things up.  Instead, feel as though you are opening up your life to additional opportunities.

It was fantastic.  I didn’t learn any earth-shattering lessons here, but I was inspired to continue cutting out the waste and simplifying the life I do have.


2 Responses to “Oprah’s got it!”

  1. maryd03 said

    The best thing that’s going to come out of this depression is bringing forefront the most important values. Life can be enjoyed just as much without all the material trappings. And good Mothers will be leading the way instilling these values into the adults of the future.

  2. flsquared said

    I totally agree! In fact, I often think that life can even be enjoyed _more_ without all of the material things weighing you down.

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